Why Fuss About Who Your Ex Should Be Dating?

Why Fuss About Who Your Ex Should Be Dating?

Why Fuss About Who Your Ex Should Be Dating?

First I’d like to let you know that I’m a very weird young man. I mostly see things in the total opposite of how ‘Normal’ folks do, so it is not strange that I don’t have an issue with my ex dating a richer, older dude in the same town with me.


I remember though that the reason she gave me for the breakup was ‘Distance’ as she was serving in Cross River and I stay in Awka. But the weird thing about the timing of the end of an almost one-year beautiful relationship was that she had just three more months to return to the east from service. She stays in Asaba which I previously assumed was one of the distances she meant but I see it clearly wasn’t about the distance. I was certainly living in my own world; I was in a place where I thought was a safe haven and I relaxed. I know many of you who know me do not know this but I am a broke Christian idealist who is still conflicted about many policies (or doctrines in this case) about my religion, not my faith. I am not going to get into that but what really is important is I don’t see a reason why there is always so much fuss about who your ex should be dating?


Last night, I was going out to get dinner and bumped into some neighbors and they asked about my ex. They started going on about how great we were together and how they feel we’d still end up together. I was tired of hearing this all the time from different people. I hate how people always feel they have the right to an opinion in people’s real-life issues. I was once like that but of recent, the #nostress agenda has been my mantra. I just need peace. Utmost Peace.


Anyways, I kinda told them that it wasn’t going to happen as we’ve both moved on. I’m off the market and she is dating this guy who happens to stay in one of the cool estates in this here town. And boom! They went on and on about how ladies can be funny at times. That she just went for an already made guy and that she was probably with him or someone else before she broke up with me. Truth be told, I had thought of these things but who am I kidding? Who my ex dates, where he stays, and why she is dating him have nothing to do with me. We are still friends and that’s cool. We tried and it didn’t work out and I know many reasons why are from my part but that doesn’t make me a bad dude. These things happen every day so I’d say I am also pretty ‘Normal’


Don’t get me wrong though, just like Demi Lovato says,

“it’s okay not to be okay.”


Where I feel the problem lies is with you dwelling in it.


I decided to write about this because I dwell so much in my head and most things just eat me up. Once or twice I have tried to open up but I am honestly scared. I am not perfect and I have a shit-load of baggage, but someone dear reminded me of recent that

“in life, no matter the plunge we take, we cannot help but get back up and keep pushing or pulling. Every other thing is secondary as long as you never give up.”


So this broke Christian Nigerian writer of Igbo origin is signing out and wishing you an amazing life of peace, love, and happiness. Let’s try and do better always so that tomorrow’s people will have a much better existence than we have. Let’s stop screwing up the earth. Mind your business and wish each other well. Everybody around you could be you so treat each other with love and respect. And please no matter how your relationship ends it is sane and only sane to wish each other well. Just my opinion though. Love you.


Written by Professor Khocee Wilson-Ejikeme

Boyfriend no 99

I talk alot

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  1. This is good, but it’s not easy for everybody. This coming from the prof is not weird to me at all😄

  2. I love the mindset of this youngman
    The fact he admitted that he also caused their breakup is what i admire.

    This is a beautiful and honest writeup dear

  3. Honestly, a lot of people find it difficult still to let go of an ex and I can tell you that stalking is an actual thing. Who your ex dates can actually make you mad if you haven’t gotten over them. It’s like…”Oh, is he the one you’re digging now?”
    And the guy in question seems to be bigger and better than you or could even be a close pal. It can hurt as a bee’s sting. .
    Healing is key, other things can follow. Heal first!

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