The Kitchen Counter

The Kitchen Counter

The Kitchen Counter

“You were right. So right – I have been playing with you all these while. I never actually wanted to be your boyfriend. Just wanted to have fun; so I lied! I am sorry…”

Amara stares directly into the phone screen with no emotions visible. How did she do that? It definitely isn’t that she wasn’t hit by the video recording or she didn’t understand it. She drops the phone face down on the kitchen counter and goes to the fridge to get a bottle of water.  She picks a glass from the shelf and pours into it. She gulps this down all at once and drops the glass on the counter. She then goes back to the fridge and gets out three ice cubes which she carries in her left palm. She opens her palm and looks at the ice melting away slowly. Still, no emotion can be seen on her face.

Now I am as confused as you guys reading this; what are we not seeing? Was she really expecting it? But it’s been 2 years and it’s been wonderful. There sure was no room for doubt. Even if she isn’t shocked, at least she should be angry or sad, or something, anything!

This girl no get heart oh!

Anyways, she throws one of the ice cubes in her mouth and while chewing it, drops the remaining two in her glass and pours water in. A dog’s incessant bark is heard from outside and this irritates her. She sips from the glass and walks up to her window to see what the fuss was about. She peers out and sees Bolt, her neighbor’s Dobermann, charging at a scraggy looking dude running straight for the fence with lightning speed. A slight chuckle is let out of her lips as a smile lights her face. Been a while she saw Bolt make someone act his name. The scraggy looking dude got to the fence and as he was dragging himself up


He screams out in pain, “yeeeeeeee!!!

looks down at his already bleeding right calf and  starts kicking Bolt in the face, cursing,

“mogbe… Aaaah! E no go beta for this dog. E no go beta for you ooo… Aaah!!! Leave me na ejo…”

At this point, Amara cannot hold herself anymore. She bursts out a flood of laughter that echoed so loud a couple of birds in the mango tree in her neighbor’s compound fly away. Now, the scraggy looking dude groaning on the fence while trying to save his leg from total mutilation hears the laughter and it dawns on him that this was a comedy show and not the secret operation he intended. Tears flow from his eyes as he lunges one final kick that catches Bolt on his nose and the dog draws back in pain, he pushes himself up and throws himself over the fence. Bolt starts barking again hysterically for a couple more seconds then slowly struts back to his cage.

Amara, still laughing and grabbing her stomach, she shuts the window and turns to have her eyes fall on the box in which she found the phone.

“I totally forgot that,” she thought to herself.

She goes straight into the kitchen, peers into the box she found lying there on the kitchen counter when she got back from work, with a sticker saying “OPEN ME.”

From it, she picks up a small black box, the second item from the box after the phone, and shakes it close to her right ear. No sound. No movement. What could be in this? She drops the box and picks up the phone again, unlocks it, and taps the play button on the video.

“…I am really sorry”

Dotun, the dude in the video, sitting on the floor with his back to a moonlit window wearing a black turtle neck and a pair of corduroy pants, continues.

“I know you said it and I denied it. I know you kept trying to push me away for fear of me lying to you and playing with you, and I pushed back till you decided to give me a go…”

Amara rolls her eyes. At last, there is an emotion. She is disgusted. She wriggles her nose but keeps listening.

“…Well, please forgive me. I’ll like you to pick up the black box from inside the box I left on the kitchen counter. I couldn’t think of any other way to do this that wouldn’t be cliché. So just open the box and please say yes… I love you Amarachi Evelyn Igwe. I love you so much and want you to be mine forever. I was playing when I initially asked you out. I never wanted you to be my girlfriend, nope! From the moment I saw you I decided I wanted this beautiful Black goddess to be mine forever.”

Amara picks up the ring out from the black box and the disgust that rested on her nose slowly turned to excitement. She tries on the ring and it was perfect. She gets out her phone from her pocket and dials Dotun’s number which was in speed dial. She hears it ring from her laundry room. She is startled. She runs to the room but finds it void of any human form just the phone ringing in the ironing board. She picks it up and as she turns to leave she hears a loud bang from the kitchen. Her heart skips. What was that? She runs back there and finds Dotun pouring out two glasses of champagne with a wide grin on his face. She just stands at the door and smiles back.

“Yes. Yeah. Yes. Adedotun Frank Williams, I want to be yours forever”

Written by Professor Khocee Wilson-Ejikeme

Boyfriend no 99

I talk alot

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