Robot with a Beating Heart

Robot with a Beating Heart

Robot with a Beating Heart

You say no one understands you but you are very wrong. They say seeing is believing; but what exactly are we seeing?

For years I have stuck by your side fully aware that I would always trust you. Funny right? But it’s the truth. I have always trusted you since I got to understand who you are and how your mind works. You are always searching for something new in the old; a juxtaposition of a new trend in an old idea.

You clearly want the world to see that you are not a robot with a beating heart and that is quite understandable. The issue is you burn a lot of bridges along the way forgetting that the journey is a round trip.

So why do I trust you?

I trust you because I have observed you and know you will not fail to disappoint those who care about you. I trust that you will always up and leave whenever you please. I trust you will always make decisions solely for your pleasure not minding who gets hurt in the process. You call it being smart; you might even think you are the smartest man alive but truthfully, you are just a vessel of knowledge lacking comprehension. I trust your thoughts will always overwhelm you and that you will always miscommunicate. I trust that your longest relationships will be with your own self.

You are very kind but selfish, nice but mean, caring but stubborn. Anyways, in all I have observed, I noticed that what you actually do need you do not want. You might think you want it but your actions say otherwise. Learn to accept love in whichever way it shows up because until then you’d always be alone.

Written by Professor Khocee Wilson-Ejikeme

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