Dennybeatz, The Lord of Hitz

Dennybeatz, The Lord of Hitz

Dennybeatz, The Lord of Hitz

Dennybeatz, The Lord of Hitz: He was on his own when fame came knocking. You guys may know the hit single tagged ‘Comfortu,’ which caused a disturbance in the eardrums of all and sundry through speakers and headphones in 2018, well here is the man behind it.

Bartholomew Dennis Abuchi, popularly known by his stage name Dennybeatz, is an Afro-pop singer and a bad-ass music producer who s mostly into Afro-beat. The keyboard-loving artist was born into this world on the 30th day of July 1996 to his parents of Igbo origin from Unubi in Nnewi south local government area of the amazing Anambra state.

Dennybeatz, The Lord of Hitz

Dennybeatz grew up in Awka, the capital city of Anambra state, and attended the city’s Federal Science and Technical College (FSTC), then dropped out of the education system after high school due to financial constraints. He precisely said,

“there was nobody to help the boy”

In 2011, when he was 15 years of age, the Afro-beat maestro began his singing career and also ventured into music production. Fun fact, his dad coached him. He too was a musician and music producer. Most of Dennybeatz’s tracks are dancehall and they sure will make you want to break your waist; male and female alike.

Many challenges he has faced though have been due to lack of adequate finance, like any typical Nigerian boy, but the Unubi singer has been moving higher and higher gradually, at a steady pace. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Obviously!

In a chat with the Nigerian professional beat producer and singer Dennybeatz, he said

“I do everything myself. I have acheived a little game that I struggled for and I think people only know me in the Eastern part.”

Well, we tend to disagree as the young music maestro and hitmaker has his songs disturbing the Southern region as well, and the hit single that brought him to the limelight ‘Comfortu,’ has even been heard several times in the prestigious Lagos state.

Dennybeatz, The Lord of Hitz


Truth be told, the lyrics of this amazing Lord of Hitz have mostly been vulgar and raw but the streets do love vulgar and raw, don’t you agree?

Dennybeatz, The Lord of Hitz
                       Dennybeatz with Terry G
Dennybeatz, The Lord of Hitz
                            Dennybeatz with Broda Shaggi
Dennybeatz, The Lord of Hitz
                                 Dennybeatz with Slowdogg

Still working and still climbing, Dennybeatz is a force to be reckoned with and I bet we haven’t seen half of him. He has worked with several music stars on different platforms.

Dennybeatz, The Lord of Hitz

Dennybeatz‘s production tag is Dukar.

Written by Professor Khocee Wilson-Ejikeme

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