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The Lynkup with Bakerr Episode Three Dj Slim V

The Lynkup with Bakerr Episode Three Dj Slim

The Lynkup with Bakerr Episode Three Dj Slim V

The Lynkup with Bakerr Episode Three – Dj Slim V : Today on the lynkup with Bakerr we have DJ Slim V,who was born Okechuku Prince Ebube Popularly known as “the magician”, .. A household name in the entertainment industry in southeast Nigeria. Gradually working my way up.

Slim V is a  national award winning DJ jimmy’s jump off 2017. A pro event DJ who resides in Enugu 042.

At the Lynkup we have an interactive session with our guests (Artistes, Entrepreneurs, Creators) to find out their origin, the journey so far, and how it played a role in who they’ve become.

The Lynkup with Bakerr Episode Three Dj Slim V

The Session:

Mr Baker: Do you swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth?
DJ Slim V: I don’t swear but I’ll tell the truth

Mr Baker: Lol oshe priest… so if you are in the court you won’t swear?
DJ Slim V: This is not a court

Mr Baker: Moving forward…
Mr Baker: Are you married, single or is it complicated?
DJ Slim V: I’m not married

Mr Baker: This guy
Mr Baker: We understand you are a good disc Jockey
Mr Baker: Are u an independent freelancer artist or are u signed to any record label?
DJ Slim V: I am not signed to anyone yet

Mr Baker: Would you want to be?
DJ Slim V: Depends on what’s on the table


Mr Baker: As an artist, what inspires you to do what you do and what message do you intend to send out through your work?
DJ Slim V: I’d say my inspiration comes from my clients or people watching me do what I do. The fact that I bring people happiness and joy and the feedbacks I get after each job makes me want to come out each time and do better
DJ Slim V: That’s the only incentive I need when I am about to climb the stage
DJ Slim V: I don’t take any substance to get me going
DJ Slim V: Once there’s crowd am fired up

Mr Baker: I have seen you in action more than ones I know what you mean
DJ Slim V: Thanks boss


Mr Baker: How has your experiences as a Dj and your experiences on journey to the mainstream affected your style? Did it change anything? If yes, please share with us and your fans
DJ Slim V: Well I’ve been doing this for a while and I can proudly say a lot has changed
DJ Slim V: I am a very temperamental person but over time I’ve learnt to be more accommodating considering the fact that different clients have and exhibit different behaviours, so somehow I have been able to be more calm and understanding of people and how to deal with them, and I have tried to pass that down to my team too
My style is unique
DJ Slim V: Over time I have seen that there are a lot of people that do what I do
DJ Slim V: I decided to do more and do better
DJ Slim V: Am always trying to invent something new
DJ Slim V: I try to get creative on every job
DJ Slim V: I always want to give my people something different each time am on stage
DJ Slim V: I am always on the lookout for something new and fresh to add and spice up what I do
DJ Slim V: This makes me stand out

Mr Baker: This is insane… Not everyone thinks this way…
Mr Baker: When did u start this Journey as a DJ??
DJ Slim V: I’d say around 2013 while on it in school
DJ Slim V: This is when I started taking it seriously
DJ Slim V: Before now it was a part time thing
Dj Slim V: IT

Mr Baker: What schools did u attend and the course u studied during your university days..?.
DJ Slim V: Computer science FUTO
DJ Slim V: Graduated 2014

Mr Baker: Let’s go back a bit
Mr Baker: What’s your strongest memory of your childhood?
DJ Slim V: Hmmm
DJ Slim V: This is deep
DJ Slim V: Let me think for a minute
DJ Slim V: Man…I think it would be when my younger sister had to fight a bully on my behalf back then in primary school
DJ Slim V: I was quite quiet and calm growing up
DJ Slim V: She stood up for me
DJ Slim V: I can’t forget
DJ Slim V: It was meant to be the other way round
DJ Slim V: That was the day I grew some balls

Mr Baker: Lol so you dint have balls before
Mr Baker: What memorable responses have u had to work as an artist?
DJ Slim V: Hmmm this is a lot
DJ Slim V: Like a whole lot
DJ Slim V: Four and half years ago when I played at Genevieve Nnaji’s parent’s anniversary would be the first
DJ Slim V: The host was okay Bakassi
DJ Slim V: I played for about 5 or 6 hours straight and people danced all through
DJ Slim V: That was my biggest event at the time and I killed it
DJ Slim V: And I could vividly hear she and her friends saying this guys is awesome and outstanding
DJ Slim V: That was the beginning of it
DJ Slim V: And the first of many
DJ Slim V: Few months’ back I went and shutdown Dj consequence’s event
DJ Slim V: Vibe of the year
DJ Slim V: After all the Djs at the event gave me a standing ovation
DJ Slim V: Then some time in Jan I had to play at fidelity bank’s end of the year part
DJ Slim V: It was amazing
DJ Slim V: That’s just a few

The Lynkup with Bakerr Episode Three Dj Slim V

Mr Baker: If I let u go on we would sleep here
Mr Baker: Name one or more artist’s you would love to be compared to?
DJ Slim V: I’d say Spinall and Neptune for Africa then we all look up to Khalid

Mr Baker: What is the best piece of advice have u ever received as a human being and who was it given bye
DJ Slim V: I’d say my mum. She told me “my son if they say you will die in this circle am not saying don’t die, but don’t die in the circle “
DJ Slim V: A lot of people didn’t think I’d amount to anything growing up
DJ Slim V: I had to prove them all wrong
DJ Slim V: That advice kept me growing

Mr Baker: Mums give the best advice
Mr Baker: What should your fans expect from you after this virus?
DJ Slim V: Well there’s a whole lot coming
DJ Slim V: I have songs I’d be putting out this year
DJ Slim V: There a rave am starting in southeast

[irp] DJ Slim V: Abracadabra rave party
DJ Slim V: My concert
DJ Slim V: Magic vybes

Mr Baker: Songs????
DJ Slim V: Yea with some artists

Mr Baker: A lot coming…
DJ Slim V: Feast of Abacha with prince Neche
DJ Slim V: Yes
DJ Slim V: Bro

Mr Baker: Let’s switch things up a little bit
Mr Baker: What bad sexual habits to you have?
DJ Slim V: Hmmm
DJ Slim V: Do I have a bad one?
DJ Slim V: Ion think so

Mr Baker: At what age did you have your first shag?
DJ Slim V: Haq haq I honestly can’t remember
DJ Slim V: But I was very grown when it happened
DJ Slim V: Like after high school
DJ Slim V: Around 20ish or so

Mr Baker: Chaii good boy geng
DJ Slim V: Yes o


Mr Baker: If you were there were no women on earth again, would you shag a man?
DJ Slim V: Never

Mr Baker: Ha ha ha
Mr Baker: What can the money in your account buy at the moment?
DJ Slim V: Food and fuel to keep me inside my house till after lockdown

Mr Baker: Fueeeeel……
DJ Slim V: Yes o
DJ Slim V: I can’t stay without light
DJ Slim V: Okay data too

Mr Baker: Who can??
Mr Baker: Five of your dream places to be
DJ Slim V: Canada, England, Spain, Dubai, Cuba forgotten which country it’s in but yea this one’s should be a start

Mr Baker: This…guy……
Mr Baker: Are you marvel or DC Fan???
DJ Slim V: I watch both actually but marvel should come first

Mr Baker: Who is your favourite??
DJ Slim V: Marvel

Mr Baker: Your favourite character??
DJ Slim V: Oh okay
DJ Slim V: Omo I like all of them o

The Lynkup with Bakerr Episode Three Dj Slim V

Mr Baker: I don die….
DJ Slim V: But I think THOR should work

Mr Baker: Give an Advice to the readers
DJ Slim V: Don’t give up. Keep pushing and doing what you do better each day
DJ Slim V: It only gets better

Mr Baker: It was nice having you bro…Thanks
DJ Slim V: It’s a pleasure
DJ Slim V: Thanks for having me
DJ Slim V: I’m honoured

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