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The Lynkup with Bakerr Episode One – Ms Stephanie

lynkup with Bakerr

The Lynkup with Bakerr Episode One – Ms Stephanie

The Lynkup with Bakerr Episode One – Ms Stephanie: Today on the lynkup with Bakerr we have Ms Stephanie, from Imo State, a student Entrepreneur whose hobbies are painting, traveling, & hiking.

Yes, I said it Hiking…
At The Lynkup we have an interactive session with our guests (Artistes, Entrepreneurs, Creators) to find out their origin, the journey so far, and how it played a role in who they’ve become.
lynkup with Bakerr

The session….

Mr.Bvkerr : Good day , what’s you name and tell us a little about you ?
Ms Stephanie : My name is Stephanie, I’m from. Imo state, i’m student/Entrepreneur, My hobbies includes painting, traveling, hiking.

Do you swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth?

Ms Stephanie : Yes I do

Mr.Bvkerr:  Are u married,single or are u in a complicated relationship?

Ms Stephanie : In a relationship

Mr.Bvkerr: Awwn…

Mr.Bvkerr: You said you model….

Mr.Bvkerr:  Are u an independent free lancer artist or are u signed to any record label ?

Ms Stephanie Independent free lancer artist.

Mr.Bvkerr: Artist like you paint or draw ???

Ms Stephanie : Both

Mr.Bvkerr: Fascinating

Mr.Bvkerr: As an artist wat inspires u to do wat u do and wat message do u intend to send out tru ur work?

Ms Stephanie : My inspiration comes from the fact that I can make lots of money through my own craft, my God given talent. I intend                                    to  make art lovers get more intrigued by artworks and for those who’s been in the dark, they are most welcome to see the light and beauty in things they never imagined had any beauty in it.

Mr.Bvkerr: You are going to like money ooh 🤣🤣

Ms Stephanie : Well well o

Mr.Bvkerr: How has Ur experience as an artist and ur experiences generally on Ur journey to the mainstream affected Ur style,did it change anything if yes Please share with us and your fans

Ms Stephanie Well, basically the style I had my eyes on when I started my artworks was strictly African artworks but I got discouraged and geared towards modern abstract drawings due to the fact that 80% of Africans don’t even know the value of these African inspired drawings so they end up underpricing them and it’s so heartbreaking  So currently I’m my focus on Modern artistry(Shakespeare times) and I intend to create a website where I can sell my artworks in dollars and make them valuable enough.

Mr.Bvkerr: Dollars you say 🤤🤤

Ms Stephanie You like money like me

Mr.Bvkerr: You know this

lynkup with Bakerr

Mr.Bvkerr: what schools did u attend and the course u studied during ur university days..?.

Ms Stephanie Immaculata Girls secondary school Anambra state/ New Era model secondary school. I’m currently a final year student of Nnamdi Azikiwe university, studying Linguistics/Chinese studies.

Mr.Bvkerr: You know Chinese.. some dope shii🤣🤣

Mr.Bvkerr: Say something in Chinese…

Ms Stephanie :Lol

Ms Stephanie : Wô shi zhonguo ren.

Mr.Bvkerr: In all the chinese movies I watched I ve never seen this 🤣 what does it mean ???

Ms Stephanie :Sure it’s not Korean ?

Stephanie I: Means I am from China

Mr.Bvkerr: Ouu!!!!

Mr.Bvkerr:  what’s ur strongest memory of ur childhood?

Ms Stephanie : I was diagnosed with pneumonia at the age of 8, was hospitalized for months.

Mr.Bvkerr: Ohh hope you are good oh..

Ms Stephanie : Yeah 😊

Mr.Bvkerr: what memorable responses have u had to work as an artist?

Ms Stephanie : One time, a client paid me excessively on purpose for 2 artworks and said to me; “ Girls like you are so rare, you’re so devoted to your craft and it takes a real woman to do what you- independence” mehnnn that hit hard

Mr.Bvkerr: How much did he pay

Ms Stephanie : 5naira

Mr.Bvkerr: Name 1 or 2 or more artists u would love to be compared to?

Ms Stephanie : Damianlechoszest

Mr.Bvkerr: I dunno him but I will sure look him up, his name sound like the name of a toothpaste

Mr.Bvkerr:  What is the best piece of advice have u ever received as a human being and who was it given bye

Ms Stephanie : “Don’t ever stress over anything in life. Nothing is worth you loosing yourself worth and just relax and let God bring you good fortunes and the right people into your life”. My mum’s words.

Mr.Bvkerr: Ok lets switch things up

Mr.Bvkerr: What bad sexual habits to you have

Ms Stephanie : None

Ms Stephanie : Or be more specific

Ms Stephanie : What’s yours ?

Mr.Bvkerr: I cant lye nxt to you and not press breast

Ms Stephanie : I love cuddling a lot.

Mr.Bvkerr: What can the money in your account buy ATM Since you Make Lot of money

Ms Stephanie : A plot of land.

Ms Stephanie : Cheap land o !!!!

Mr.Bvkerr: Madd too much money

Ms Stephanie : Lol Amen

Mr.Bvkerr: Five of your dream places to be

Ms Stephanie : Mauritius, Seychelles, Bahamas, bora bora and Paris.

Mr.Bvkerr: U like lavish life oooh

Ms Stephanie : You dunno wahs going on

Mr.Bvkerr: Are you marvel or DC Fan ???

Ms Stephanie : Marvel.

Mr.Bvkerr: Who is your fav ???

Ms Stephanie : Captain America 🥵

Mr.Bvkerr: Gotta be

Mr.Bvkerr: 🤣🤣🤣

Mr.Bvkerr: Give An Advise to The Readers ….

Ms Stephanie : Stay true to yourself and your hustle, everyone will tell their success stories someday.

Mr.Bvkerr: Thanks love,it was nice having you….

So this is a wrap, if you have any questions go ahead and drop them in the comment box we sure will give you reply …..
The Lynkup with Bakerr

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  1. I always knew you were gonna be a star someday. Now that star in you is at work . Good work dear, 👍👍👍👍

  2. Yesssss,that’s what we are talking about 💃💃💃💃
    Continue to be an inspiration for me 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  3. This is very nice Steph, answered like a pro. You’ll go places dear. Keep it up. Cool website too.

  4. Wow!!I enjoyed reading this combined with the inspirations and joy I derived from seeing how far you have gone..keep Climbing Swthrt,you are great already..a big thumbs up

  5. 👏🏻👏🏻Girly love your inspiration words 🥺..May God’s light continue to shine on you hun bless up

  6. You will go places babygirl, that’s for sure😍😍🥰😍….more wins love!!

  7. Mr.Bvkerr: I cant lye nxt to you and not press breast

    🙆🏿🙆🏿😱😱 okokobioko, udunekeudu

    Bakerr the breast pressor Abi na presser 😂 🤣

    That part hit me eh… Maybe you and Prof Khocee share that habit in common? Maybe I said 😄

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