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Iknowbakerr tv : Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark Who Is Richer ???

Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark Who Is Richer ???

Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark Who Is Richer ???

Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark Who Is Richer ? : Ah, Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne. are both heartthrobs of many ladies, and role models of most young men, definitely. According to almost every comic, DC and Marvel inclusive, nobody makes a better superhero than one who has amazing looks, but even better still.. extremely rich. Batman and Ironman are not just very well known and loved, they both fit this profile perfectly. But, who is wealthier between these two?

Ironman and Batman share a very unique thing in common. They both have great physiques, sure.. but more strikingly, they are in the same of level of superheroes. How? These two heroes don’t really have any superpowers, like Flash’s superspeed, Superman’s laser eyes or even the Incredible Hulk’s strength. Their money and brains are literally their “superpowers”.
With the range of Ironman suits and Batsuits and Batmobiles these men have at their disposal, and with the amount of goodwill they do, of course they’re as good as those with natural superpowers!

Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark Who Is Richer ???

  In 2013, according to Forbes Fictional 15, which categorized the wealthiest fictional characters ever created.. Guess what? Bruce Wayne ranks 6th with $9.2 Billion, while Tony Stark, successor of Howard Starks, ranks 4th with $12.4 Billion. Batman’s gadgets are highly impressive, no doubt.. But from statistics, Bruce has nothing on Ironman. One Ironman suit set costs about $110,321,000, that’s equivalent to about 104 batsuits because one batsuit costs $1,058,600. Mind-blowing!


Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark Who Is Richer ???
But when it comes to residential choices, Wayne totally outdid Stark. Batman’s manor, including his “secret operations bat-cave” cost him about $600,000,000 to reconstruct. Stark doesn’t even come close.
Now, between these two heroes, Tony is more business oriented and innovative, while Wayne doesn’t attach much importance to business. Tony is more likely to invent a new unseen technology beneficial to the world, patent it and then sell it to those who can afford it, thereby creating endless channels of income, although doing the world a general good a whole lot. But Batman, unfortunately, doesn’t operate that way. He would rather create an antidote and share it to the the victims immediately and use his company to help orphanages and build hospitals. Waynes Enterprise has more than once, offered enormous help to Gotham city, without returns.

Well, the important thing regardless of who’s wealthier, for which the world loves both characters for, is that they always try to the best of their efforts to bring justice and stability to the world.

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