Yellow Seventh Studio Album by Brymo.

Brymo Yellow Seventh Studio Album

Yellow Seventh Studio : In the midst of Burna boy and Ricky deciding who is worthy of each other, here is something worthy of your time, listening pleasure and your precious data during the pandemic Yellow album by Brymo.
A ray of sunlight or better still, the entire sunlight that is what the seventh studio album ‘Yellow’ by Olawale Ashimi Oloforo popularly known as Brymo is all about, released April 1ST 2020. Yellow is one of its kind, the type of music you’d want to experience by yourself and not being told about. It speaks to you differently, and each song has its own uniqueness. beautiful pieces of the album were written by Brymo except Abu ya by Lindsey Abudei while, the entire album was produced and engineered by Mikkyme Joses for Zombra corporation A&R Lanre Lawal. The album is of three phase, ranging from jazz to classical and pure cultural tone.

Heartbreak songs are better in English, Ozamandiaz, Espirit de corps, Woman, Adedotun, Without you, Gambu, and Strippers + white lines / smart monkey, these are some of the work of art off the album.
As earlier said, it’s a beautiful experience.

Yellow by Brymo is an exceptional album and if good music, with depth of lyrics, emotional tune, and sensational vibe is magic to your ears, then YELLOW is the plug.



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