Who Is The Queen Mother Of Crazy In Movies – Fans pick Taraji

Taraji is the queen mother of crazy

Taraji Is The Queen Mother Of Crazy

Taraji Is The Queen Mother Of Crazy: Earlier today fans got into a heated argument on the social media app Twitter  about who held the title “Queen Mother of Crazy in Movies

There were originally four Tv Sensations : – Taraji p HensonTiffany haddish Tasha Smith –  & Regina Hall .

she Tweeted ..

Who is the queen mother of crazy in movies?


This particular topic stared alot of laughs and comments, One Fan commented

Taraji is a gangster Tiffany is naturally a mad person Tasha is razz Regina Hall is just a baby girl whose craziness is unlocked by how you treat her

while another…

Tiffany hardish is annoying childish, Regina Hall doesn’t have liver, Tasha Smith is doesn’t have the class… But you see TERAJI P HENSON, she’s the queen of crazy, intelligent, dramatic wen called for and still end up a boss lady and classy


At the End of the Argument we concluded that Taraji Bags the Award ……..

Boyfriend no 99

I talk alot

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