Nigerians Remember Dagrin 10 Years After His Passing

Nigerians remember dagrin 10 years after his passing

Nigerians Remember Dagrin 10 Years After His Passing

Nigerians Remember Dagrin : Dagrin‘s direction was anyway stopped. On April 14, 2010, he had a frightful engine mishap. His vehicle smashed into a fixed truck around evening time. There were reports that Dagrin was smashed. He never observed the truck that was left inverse a police headquarters. Dagrin went into a state of insensibility because of the impact.

There were clashing reports about his wounds. Some said he was alright and recuperating. Others said he was in a really awful shape and his life was in a critical position.

Dagrin was an uncommon rapper to me. In October 2009, I opened my now dead blog Pop Off Central and my first post was an audit of C.E.O. I cherished Dagrin’s music. While the new variety of rappers gave us very much organized way of life bars, his music’s passionate baked good was distinctive to the point that I could contact it.

On my way back to the workplace, I was unable to envision Dagrin was dead. It was beyond the realm of imagination I let myself know. A couple of days before his mishap, he was at the Hip Hop World Magazine office for the Hip Hop World Awards (presently Headies) chosen people list question and answer session. Dagrin was the star of the occasion. He got a few selections. I viewed Dagrin intently that day and saw he was bashful and wasn’t amped up for his designations.

At the point when I got to the workplace reality hit me. “Dagrin is dead,” said Ayo Animashaun. He educated me to go to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital to cover what was occurring there. I immediately got the camera under my work area and went inside the staff transport.

I didn’t go to LUTH alone. I went with Dorisha (another Hip TV moderator around then) and Dayo Ephraim. The man who drove the transport was Bayo, the organization driver, a Hip Hop World legend in his own right.

We got to LUTH and it was practically clear something was going down. Individuals were bit by bit trooping in from all corners. The word was spreading, Dagrin, the ghetto champ and the individuals’ agent was dead.

For reasons unknown, we as a whole assembled at a spot, fans, press individuals and the inquisitive. A couple of moments later stars began coming in. Sasha was one of the first to appear. She looked tragic. Olu Maintain in his faultless blue jalabia and dull as hellfire sunshades figured out how to look unsettled.

In the event that you had any questions that Dagrin was dead, YQ deleted those questions. He ran into LUTH like a man searching for trust. Individuals who were with Dagrin at the hour of his demise affirmed to him that he was dead. YQ lost it. He moved on the floor and cried. Olu Maintain shriveled as he unfortunately shook his head. Dagrin was gone until the end of time.

The fans who accumulated around began crying as well. Their man was dead. Dagrin told history as well as theirs too. A considerable lot of the fans began reviling the specialists at LUTH. The administration claimed the clinic was protesting when Dagrin was conceded. Many said the specialists didn’t give the rapper the best consideration and consideration and accused his demise for them.

Dagrin’s dad came out not long after and affirmed his child was dead and educated individuals with respect to the press to regard the security of the individuals at LUTH who were grieving Dagrin.

We at the Hip Hop World group didn’t draw out our cameras since it was a sincerely charged air. A NET correspondent by the name of Dayo attempted to draw out his camera and he was quickly ‘hurried’ by those around.

We called Mr Ayo and disclosed to him the circumstance on the ground. He concurred that we leave LUTH and return to the workplace. This was around past 11 pm. It was certain I was resting at the workplace. On out from LUTH, I saw one of the most true to life minutes throughout my life.

Many individuals were hurrying to LUTH. It appeared the entire of Lagos had heard. Individuals drove their vehicles impacting ‘Pon’- Dagrin’s tribute for his Naija legacy, or ‘Ghetto Dreams’ his chilling depiction of life at the base and his battles. It was a chilling second, one that would duplicate itself in a progressively vainglorious manner at Dagrin’s flame light help.

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