“I’m No Rapist” – Brymo Threatens Accuser

Brymo Threatens Accuser On Account Of Rape

Brymo Threatens Accuser On Account Of Rape

Brymo Threatens Accuser: Nigerian soul singer, Olawale Oloforo, known by his stage name as Brymo has reacted to the rape allegations leveled against him.

Recall that the assault charge against him were prior made by a Twitter user who asserted the artist assaulted her companion and got him out for it.

The vocalist took to his twitter page to set out his informer to move into the open and uncover what precisely occurred. As indicated by him, the Lagos state government has gotten included and examinations are being done.

Brymo said he could never pardon those that have intended to demolish him with this allegation. He appears to be upset and baffled that somebody would destroy his picture along these lines. Hear him:

“Is Rapist a new word for anyone doing something of note these days?? Tell my accuser to come out and put a name and face to their claim, in the presence of the law or shut your stinking guts..Ask about me, I don’t shush when word is out and I’m the target… no I won’t keep quiet, you marked the wrong guy…. and for the last time I’m no rapist, and it is libelous to call me one”

“The Lagos state government is in touch with my management and a full scale investigations is currently being carried out… Libel!. I’ll never forgive those who seek to destroy me by this accusation… and it’s better you show your face, come out… Libel!!”

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