Funke Akindele House Party Amidst the Pandemic.

Funke Akindele House Party

Funke Akindele House Party: Not trying to be a killjoy or a hater but, throwing a house party in times such as this, is not the smartest and responsible thing to do.
Funke Akindele hosted a house party on April 4, 2020 for her husband JJC skills which happens to be his birthday in their home at Amen Estate. The party had the appearance of celebrities such as, Naira maley, Eniola Badmus and quite a number of people were present.

Funke Akindele House Party Well, this party did not go well with a lot of people as they took to twitter to express their disappointment toward her action.

Funke Akindele House Party |

It is to be understood that this rage from people is not just about the party but, because she is an ambassador for the NCDC campaign in the fight against the pandemic. It’s one thing to ask people to act in a particular manner while, you do the opposite, so much for talk and no action to back up the talk.

In her defense towards the party, she replied with a tweet stating

Funke Akindele House Party |

But this is not enough reason to throw a house party. Social distancing was in no way practiced during the party for people were seen gathered in a living room.
Hopefully, the house party by Funke Akindele will not end up like the davido’s case, because if such is to repeat itself, it is safe to say we are our own problem. Stay safe and practice social distancing.

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