D’banj’s Rape Accuser, Seyitan Babatayo Releases Press Statement

D’banj’s Rape Accuser Seyitan Babatayo Releases Press Statement
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D’banj’s Rape Accuser Seyitan Babatayo Releases Press Statement

D’banj’s Rape Accuser Seyitan Babatayo Releases Press Statement: D’banj’s supposed assault informer, Seyitan Babatayo has discharged an official press articulation concerning the assault occurrence.

Since the time the terrible news that D’banj was engaged with the assault episode that occurred in 2018, online life hasn’t refreshed the slightest bit. Everybody is agog with the news as it came as a stun to individuals.

Some favored one side with the artist who demanded that he was honest until demonstrated blameworthy. Seyitan Babatayo has come out to give her own side of the story, this time with the official support of a few decent disapproved of people, legal advisors and social activists.

She made it understood, the theories that were drifting. She said that D’banj and his group had her captured and placed in prison for 48 hours without verification of a wrongdoing submitted. A short time later, she was moved to a confined and non unveiled zone and made to erase the twitter posts she made and furthermore advance the vocalist.

She was illicitly snatched and made to experience some endeavor that she would just post subtleties affirmed by D’banj’s group. She likewise said that her mom was not captured, as opposed to the news that she was.

She communicated her misery at the way that assault casualties are tormented and threatened into quietness and that was what the vocalist did to her. She despite everything wants to get over the way that her legitimate and essential human rights were taken from her. She said that she despite everything had flashbacks of the assault occurrence, got together with the days she spent in prison without reason.

She further said that she would require treatment and advising yet in the in the interim, her group would deal with things and she trusted that D’banj would not have the option to purchase the inner voice of the higher specialists. She likewise approached ladies and young ladies that have been assaulted or annoyed to make some noise.

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