Dating Men Between Age 19-27 Are Liabilities – Twitter Bants

Dating Men Between Age 19-27 Are Liabilities

Dating Men Between Age 19-27 Are Liabilities

Dating Men Between Age 19-27 Are Liabilities : All hell broke loose on Twitter as Ugandan lady, Sharon Godwin, shared relationship advice to young single ladies. According to her, single ladies should avoid dating men between age 19-27 because the are not mature yet.

she said

“AVOID dating men between the age of 19-27. They either typical mama’s boy, stuck on their ex, cheat the most, entertain hoes, party non stop, have no plans & are only concerned about their PS4, mixtape & weed,they don’t know what they want yet & will hurt u in the process, a liability.


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  1. The most important of this sef is that dating seriously if you are 20 to 26 as a guy is a waste of productive time.
    That age is when you forge your life, invent things, found a company go into partnership, build your future. If you really want to build a future for those are not from family with wealth waiting for them. Most women that come along will distract you.
    Use that energy to chase other important thing. This girls can be just friends with you those moment the things is that body no be firewood even guys hustling that period need to cool off and need some love.
    See eh the things is just how life is, you can’t change it but you can change yourself not to be a victim of life but a victor. Few guys don’t mind marrying a girl of same age. And they can date you for 7 years and marry you but my dear that is a huge risk and the ladies are on the loosing side.

  2. Tbh..the young girl hasn’t forgiven herself for dating the wrong set of “19-27” yr old men.
    NOT all “19-27” yr old men are liabilities. Her man-crush fit be one 25yr old man.

    1. There is a little bit of truth to her statement. 19 to 24 is an age of development both mentally and otherwise for a growing man.
      However not all men are immature or (without plans and direction in life). Depends on the guy she meets. Not all men are same

  3. There’s actually a lot of truth in what she said. Men within the age bracket of 20 to about 25 are majorly rookies to life, fresh out of absolute parental nurture and dependence.

    It’s only normal that upon the acquisition of unrestrained freedom, they goof up alot and trail all those wild paths as the lady mentioned. It’s more like they’re testing the forbidden fruit they’ve been prohibited from eating all the while they were cooped up with their parents.

    So I don’t really blame them for exuding youthful exuberance.

    Life as usual though would put them straight eventually. That’s why it seems males from 30 above are the actual set of people regarded as Men. They’re the ones capable of putting leashes on frivolities and things that prove unuseful because life has schooled them. . . Most of ’em the hard way.

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