CoronaVirus: Covid19 or Convince19

Covid19 or Convince19

Covid19 or Convince19: There have been a lot of conspiracy theory about corona virus, I’ve always been told that figure doesn’t lie but when it comes to covid19, the figure lies. Have you ever wondered why is it someone you know hasn’t died from corona virus?

Covid19 or Convince19 Well I will tell you why, there is a cult and this cult that operates in all countries in the world and they have their own agenda. The plan of this Cult is to achieve one global economy and the only way they can achieve this is through a global economic meltdown. So how can one achieve a global economic meltdown? Easy, just make people lock up their businesses and stay at home and how can you do that, by instilling fear on people and what do humans fear the most? Death, just as religion use the fear of hell to control its people, so does this cult use fear to control the globe. They released flu and caused global menace and panic and this group also use the media to achieve their agenda. There are so many celebrities testing positive to covid19 and none of them is dying from it, such as Idris Elba, Shaquille O’Neil, Tom Hanks, Chioma (Davido’s wife) Arteta, Dybala, I could only mention but few and I’m not praying for anyone’s death either, I just want you to see the trick, this cult gets to this celebrities to help inflict fear on people while other celebrities are doing it for fame and that’s a shame. Top politicians and the most respected religious man are also involved on this pandemic, even WHO is involved too, late January Chairman of WHO said we should not worry that the virus does not jump from human to human but now he has been proven wrong, but why would the chairman of WHO misinform us, with all the access he has to well equipped medical equipments to analyze the virus first before jumping into conclusion, but what happened? Is it that he was saying the truth but this cult got to him and they change the story and started playing with numbers?

Have you ever wondered why you haven’t seen any corpse of a person that died of the virus or seen any medical report or laboratory analysis on how the virus affects the lungs, bronchus, and cause high fever? I guess not, all you’ve been seeing are caskets. Covid19 only kills when you have other severe sicknesses. And why is it that the infected people don’t die before they add them among the number of new cases? Or do you think is during treatment they get the main virus? Think about it. Well I don’t believe in Covid19 and I’m not saying you shouldn’t take precautions but don’t be scared. This cult agenda is to achieve one world governance, currency, religion and economy and whether you like it or not it must be achieved as long as growth and advancement is concerned.

Update by Preshie Michaelson

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  1. I believe there is more to the virus that they are telling us imagine china the virus only affected Wuhan left the capital shanghai

  2. An interesting point of view… That leads to a lot if raised eyebrow.. A theory to further research

  3. I’m in 💯 of what this article says, if you really look into the COVID 19 case you will see that there’s a lot to the Virus than what they’re telling the world. The only thing I can say is that everyone individually should be very cautious of everything and anything they do.

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