6ix9ine Escapes Hiding & Gets Caught

6ix9ine Escapes Hiding & Gets Caught

6ix9ine Escapes Hiding & Gets Caught

6ix9ine Escapes Hiding & Gets Caught: American controversial rapper, songwriter, and convicted felon, Tekashi 6ix9ine is alive & well and was spotted by a fan who drove by him jogging on the road.

Brooklyn-based rapper, 6ix9ine has been incredibly silent for the last several weeks, effectively going into hiding after his post-incarceration studio album TattleTales flopped in sales.

The album only managed to pull 55,000 album sales in the first week, which is still impressive without any major playlisting or editorial support from the DSPs. Anyway, with the presence he was commanding on social media, his numbers just didn’t match and he could no longer diss other rappers, like Lil Durk, Lil Reese, and others for their sales.

As he continues to recover from his overdose on caffeine and weight loss pills a few weeks ago, the rapper seemingly took it upon himself to focus on his health, getting spotted while out on a jog, obviously flanked by one of his security guards.

A low-quality video has been circulating, which allegedly shows Tekashi 6ix9ine running with his bodyguard. He wears an all-black outfit with his hair tied up.

Recently, 6ix9ine was brought up again by Lil Durk, who reacted to Trippie Redd’s first-week sales projections with a comparison to the rainbow-haired troll, noticing how Trippie managed to outperform his rival.

Is this the end of Tekashi 6ix9ine or will he ever manage to make a comeback?

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