5G and Covid19 Vaccine the mark of the beast?

5G and Covid19 Vaccine the mark of the beast

5G and Covid19 Vaccine the mark of the beast

5G and Covid19 Vaccine : 5G or 5TH generation network is for a better broadband and nothing sinister. Sometimes it is amusing the way religion tries to twist everything to relate to the mark of the beast and end time. Vaccination is just an inoculation with a vaccine, in order to protect from a particular disease or strain of disease. Now let’s take a quick turn and think about it for a minute, why would something (world) that doesn’t have a beginning, have an end?

5g Network

Covid19 vaccine is definitely not the mark of the beast, they’ve been so many people kicking against the vaccine in Africa but what Africans don’t know is that the vaccine will still be administered to everyone in the world directly or indirectly through other drugs you take. Currently many people have gone passed the saying that the vaccine will kill us rather they say that the vaccine is a tool that would be use to control humanity but believe me that is totally wrong and besides we’ve not reach that level of scientific advancement.

Sincerely speaking in the future they will produce a chip like drug that would be used to fight off diseases in a smart way but mind you this drug will never mess with your mind. Let’s delve into technological advancement and its effect on religion,

5G will not bring the great tribulation but your digital wallet which is your finger print, this digital wallet is an e-wallet which would be used to buy & sell, transport, and remittal for school and other things, it will be like a personal bank and this wallet is still far from us. This wallet is what would be taken as the mark of the beast and not a mark on your forehead which will never happen because we are not in the primitive era. So 5G and Covid19 Vaccine is not the mark of the beast.

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