Staying at home for a long time could  be very boring and sometimes we get tired of just staring at out TV , going on social media , sleeping etc. Here are 4 things you could do while sitting at home to pass time and to kill boredom.  I am excited about this ,are you ? Lol


1.  Exercise 

You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym to exercise , you can do some home exercises  at home to burn some calories and keep fit . All you have to do Is go online and browse on exercise you could do at Home and put them to practice. Trust me you don’t  want to come out of this lockdown looking all  Round like a donut.lol.

2.  Read a book 

No knowledge is a waste they say right ? . So it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to read as much book as you can, it could be science books , history book , novels , motivational books ,anything to keep the brain active. And trust me when I say you will be glad you did . Imagine when someone ask you  “oh do you know about the pandemic that happened 100 years ago ?” And you gracefully answer “oh yes I read about it during the lockdown ” hahaha wouldn’t that feel good?

3. Learn a new language or two

Thanks to the internet we don’t need a teacher to learn to speak some languages  like French  Spanish,  Latin , Chinese etc. You could learn a new language ,you can never tell it might just come in handy. So when next someone says in french “Comment ça va?” You can confidently “reply je vais bien”. Wonderful right ?.

4. Learning a new skill online 

Some person wish they could learn how to edit videos,  blog , cook etc . These things could be learnt on line and you can learn them while sitting at home . You register for online classes ,watch YouTube videos and make yourself a pro just from the comfort of your home .

When you are doing one or more of these things ,trust me staying at home would become fun .

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